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Anastasia Runets
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Higher economic education, diploma of a teacher of Russian as a foreign language

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Hey everyone! My name is Anastasia and I'm a native Russian speaker. I'm from Russia and now live in Belarus.

I'll be glad to teach you this great and beautiful language. You can always tell me about your goals and plans.
We can study the main course, where you will learn to speak Russian fluently, and you will also be able to understand Russian speech well, communicate, watch films and news, and also read books in Russian. You will understand the basic principles of the language and you can easily use it in your everyday life.

I can also help you with your special goals. For example, with preparation for a trip, study or work in Russian-speaking countries. I also have an economic education and experience in the financial sector, so I can teach you business vocabulary.
Our classes will be adapted to you, and we will definitely get a great result!

I use my special 3-step teaching method and now I can see that it's more efficient, easier and faster than a standart program. Our lessons will be fun, useful and full of practice. I promise that you will be able to speak Russian from the first lesson!

Welcome to my classes!